• In 1985, orthopeadic department  of Binh Dan hospital was merged with Tran Hung Dao general hospital to become orthopeadic center of HCMC. 


  • Later, in 2002, it was officially classified as orthopeadic hospital (HCMC Department of health).


  • Since then, the hospital has still remained the stability and development to become a special hospital class I – the final level of orthopeadic in Southern Vietnam. There are 500 beds for in-patients and 1100 beds for out-patients. Moreover, the hospital has intensive specialties of  orthopeadic  such as Spine, Pediatric, Upper-Limb, Lower-Limb, etc. to treat complicated deseases of orthopeadic.


  • As a result of the cooperation of doctors and staff crew with high experience and career morality, fine instrument and updated technology, HTO contributes to the health care achievement throughout Vietnam in general and Southern Vietnam in particular.