1. History of development:


  • 2004: Due to the change of personnel should be changed to the name "Group of Medical Equipment"
  • 2007: Due to the need about nature of work should be officially named "The Department of Medical Supplies and Equipment" to date.


2. Leadership Division through the periods:

  • Dr. Phan Quoc Vu                Manager
  • Dr. Huynh Manh Nhi          Deputy Manager
  • Ngo Thi Lanh                       Chief Nursing


  1. Personnel structure: 06 employees

01 electronics engineer

01 mechanical engineer

01 biomedical - engineering engineer

01 Bachelor of Economics

01 Intermediate Pharmacist

01 technician


 4. Current House of Representatives (HR) Organization: 

- Manager: Mr. Truong Thanh Binh

- Union leader: Mrs. Tran Kim Sang




5. Professional activities:

In the early years of the new establishment, the staff have no experience and have not been trained in equipment.

In the process of learning from colleagues at other hospitals, the engineers of the medical device company, specialized books, constantly accumulate experience to complete the assigned tasks.

Functions and duties of the department of medical supplies and equipment:

  • Warehouse management of medical equipment and device.
  • Warehouse management of medical consumables.
  • Warehouse management of reagents.             
  • Warehouse management of aid goods.
  • Review and monitor equipment liquidation.
  • Advises the Board on Management of medical equipment and device.
  • Consolidate the department's equipment planning plans by Department of Health for purchase.
  • Participating in bidding sessions according to state regulations.

In addition, The Department of Medical Supplies and Equipment has opened a medical device shop to serve the patients

Every year, The Department of Medical Supplies and Equipment achieves the "Advanced Labor Class"


6. Objectives and Vision for 2015-2020:


  • Attend professional, political and other study sessions.
  • To well implement the Code of Conduct of officials and employees, strengthen ethics training and education, emulate the study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh.